J. Emanuele – Chapel Hill, NC

I bought this to take with me to Vegas. I was worried that the pouch would stick out too far and look like my lower stomach was obviously protruding. Even though I wear designer jeans, you could not tell at all that I was wearing the Freedom Flask. Additionally, it was a cinch to unzip my zipper and use the nozzle to fill my glass. It was able to hold more than enough fluid to keep me drunk the entire night. This thing really does pay for itself, and I have nothing but praise for it!

Danny S. – Huntington Beach, CA

I took my Freedom Flask into the Deftones show with no problems.  Hit the bar right away for a cup.  From there hit the bathroom and filled up a cup full of Vodka and Red Bull.  Asked another bartender for more ice and away my night went.  I was with about 8 people and everyone was digging the flask. I didn’t buy on drink all night :)  Even had two bought for me.  Ha!

Ryan B. – Tampa, FL

This is an amazing product! I was able to walk write into Raymond James with a 750ML bottle of Jim Beam in the flask.  Some dude at the gate in an “Alcohol Enforcement” orange shirt even gave me a pat down.  I have told everyone I know about the product and its success!