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About our Hidden Alcohol Flasks

American Made. American Values.

As college students on the five year plan, our weekends during the fall semester were spent attending both home and away football games and tailgating our asses off. After years of diligence, it became clear there had to be a better way to sneak our beverages of choice into football games and other social events. Trust us, we’ve tried everything else on the market. Many of the older and more traditional methods have obvious flaws. There are too many to list, but here are a few of the more common ones:

Zip-lock bags – They leak. Doesn’t matter if you double or even triple bag them, at some point they still leak.

“Airplane” mini bottles – Each bottle provides such a small benefit. If you want to try to smuggle a dozen bottles of alcohol in your pants, go for it.

Flask taped to your leg – We prefer our booze without a free leg-waxing.

The “pint-bottle-in-the-bottom-of-your-date’s-purse” trick – More often than not these days, bags are inspected by security. This should be renamed the “get-a-security-guard-drunk-for-free” trick.

The idea:

We developed the Freedom Flask® to tackle all of the shortcomings that these products and methods represent.

In addition to the many other benefits we provide, our patented design showcases two important features not found on any other product:

  • A curved bottom edge
  • A release valve located at the lowest point of the flask

The results:

Our patented design uses gravity to funnel your booze directly into the leakproof nozzle, which is positioned so it lines up perfectly with your pants zipper. This ensures easy and convenient access until every drop has been consumed and your flask is empty.

The conclusion:

We have perfected the art of taking your own drinks into literally any event – from sports to concerts to amusement parks.

We are proud to say that the Freedom Flask® is made right here in the U.S. of A.

It might be more cost effective to manufacture our flasks in an offshore sweatshop, but local production using safe, medical grade components ensures that we construct a product of the highest quality and deliver true American Value.

So go ahead and pour out half of that soft drink you purchased at the concession stand - just be sure to save the precious ice - and let Freedom Flask® top you off with some of Tennessee or Kentucky’s finest. If you think it may be awkward pouring a drink from your fly - it’s not. What’s awkward is being the guy who gets his flask taken by security. To be honest, we wish we would have thought of this sooner.

Drink up